WHAT we do?

  • NanoMem Provides membrane solutions that are related to battery technology metals, metals recovery, recycling of reagents and desalination.
  • NanoMem develops solutions to enable our partners to create further credit streams and capture high purity products in the value chain.
  • NanoMem focuses on commercial solutions for industrial processors too reduce capex and opex.

NanoMem Solutions Company Strategy

NanoMem is a solutions based group created and progressed specifically to manage and manufacture metamembrane products that solve industrial-scale materials processing for a wide range of issues encountered by mining, manufacturing, agriculture and environmental companies.

Conventional membrane technology has progressed, providing incremental improvements in applications across numerous industries. This approach appears to have reached its development possibilities.

NanoMem metamembrane technology has applications for a wide range of industries attempting to separate various chemicals from others. The process increases the magnitude of flow rates with strengthening the mechanical and chemical components, by providing an ability to build a bespoke ion elective and customised solutions

NanoMem technology is the result of 6 years of research and development with a breakthrough in metamembrane engineering. Testing and significantly improved measured results provided the realisation that one membrane does not fit all applications. This breakthrough has led NanoMem to a commercialisation strategy to create a competitive positioning to replace the existing dominant membrane manufacturers and provide a strategy that will allow NanoMem to advance to cash flow through industry Joint Venture’s that finance the development of the bespoke membrane and gain adoption of the NanoMem product straight to the end-user, with additional licensing deals that will aggregate value to NanoMem on a global scale.

Our Partners


Why THIS membrane solution?

  • Acid Separation and Recovery
  • Energy Fuel Cell membrane technology
  • Desalination – communities, mining and agriculture
  • Lithium recovery
  • Potash Separation
  • Gold tailings for higher process recovery
  • Replacement within plant flow process - reagents, acids, cyanide, activated carbon etc