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Australian Battery Manufacturing Future

It is no secret Western Australia has the potential to be the ‘Saudi Arabia of renewable energy’. WA has the solar, it has the wind and it has the metal resources.

Lithium Valley near NanoMems development facility at the Murdoch University Rockingham campus is establishing the Case for Energy Metals and Battery Manufacturing in Western Australia.

For many years this industry has largely gone unchanged. NanoMem Solutions unique membrane construction replaces traditional membrane technology, which substantially increases performance and lowers production costs.

Our technology is the difference needed to transition the world to a sustainable and renewable energy based economy.

One particular solution for the energy storage market is the development of meta-membranes for the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery  (VRFB). See video below:

What are the advantages of  Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries?

  • VRFBs have a lifespan of 20+ years
  • VRFBs offer immediate energy release
  • VRFBs are suitable for grid connection or off-grid settings – ideal for renewable energy
  • VRFBs can discharge 100%, without any damage to the battery
  • VRFBs are non-flammable
  • The Vanadium Pentoxide in a VRFB is still valuable to re-use or sell at the end of the batteries lifecycle (25 years+).
  • VRFB’s are particularly suited to lease funding to reduce project capital, amortise the battery over the life of the installation.
  • They ensure power and energy can be scaled independently
  • Vanadium electrolyte can be re-used and does not need to be disposed of
  • The batteries can be cycled more than once per day
  • VRFB energy storage guarantees uninterrupted power supply.