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About Us

NanoMem Solutions was formed with the purpose to commercialise next generation membrane technologies in the growing global ion exchange markets.

Our partnership with Monash University and Murdoch University is commercialising the next generation of metamembrane technology for smart separation technology.

The company sees two initial distinct business activity areas:

  1. Ion Exchange Membrane
  2. Fuel Cell Solutions
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Multi Billion Dollar


Industry leading

Research Staff

Our Research Facility and Strategy

NanoMem Solutions have made commercial and technical decisions that places us in a powerful position for the long term in the membrane industry. We will build a demonstration/commercial manufacturing plant in Western Australia that will be housed under the same roof as the new Murdoch University “Hydro- Metallurgical research facility” located in Rockingham WA.

Over the last 3 years the company has worked through the ARC HUB at Monash University to develop the advanced metamembrane products We have funded and own all IP rights to this technology. This development work will be continued at Monash to finalise the product for commercial testing. The Monash meta-membrane development will be for a period of 12 months and will allow a seamless integration for the move of research to Rockingham.

Next year the company will, in conjunction with Murdoch university, will establish a “centre for advanced metamembrane of excellence”. The Rockingham facility is primarily a mining and metals centre that will provide NanoMem the ability to rapidly meet the needs of its initial JV participants. Western Australian located companies who are interested in mining and advanced battery materials technologies.

In addition, the JV Special Purpose Vehicles have commenced at Rockingham. NanoMem is joining the Future Battery Industry Co-operative Research Centre (FBI-CRC) to work on its Fuel Cell metamembrane and also the multiple acid separation projects for specific battery metals production as part of the federally mandated FBI-CRC.

Murdoch is staffing the centre with specialised scientists from various universities to concentrate product development under the one roof which in these times of COVID 19 will allow development to continue unabated by such external factors and provide a level of security that will be paramount to the development process. Testing of pre-commercial membrane and its production can be conducted in house and the process of customisation can be realised in a very short turn around and multiple products will be developed simultaneously.

The JV strategy is particularly well suited to this cell strata approach and will ensure that each membrane will be developed individually and on a stand-alone basis globally or with a jurisdictional licence approach. It also allows NanoMem to take advantage of its strategy to provide individually developed products with a separate commercialisation outcome based on such variables as volume and value to the customer in the product life cycle. with the ability to trade sale the application to industry players looking for a dominant edge in their particular industry/market and NanoMem can revert to a royalty on the membrane or the unit product volume, providing flexibility and manageability to NanoMem.